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Dr. Cooper Fixed my Huge, Strange Earlobes and Did an Awesome Job!!! I had gauged earlobes when I was younger and had them sewn up by someone else in Seattle. That surgeon made them look more or less normal but he failed to cut some excess earlobe tissue out…he basically just sewed them up and I was left with big, weird irregularly shaped lobes.

Fast forward a few years, I contact Dr. Cooper’s office and ask for a price to get my lobes made smaller. They say $1200 which is a good, average price for an earlobe reduction in Seattle…plus they were the only office that replied to my inquiry e-mail!

Went in to his office and I was very taken with how friendly his staff was and how personable Dr. Cooper is. He’s a funny, friendly guy and doesn’t put off a pushy doctor vibe at all. Dr. Cooper is a master cosmetic surgeon and a really cool dude as well!!!

– FJ1990 via RealSelf


Dr. Cooper was friendly, funny, and had a great bedside manner. Very knowledgeable and fully answered every last one of my numerous questions, even about terminology and procedures. Even called personally the next morning to check on me . :) A great fellow, I would recommend him (and already have!) to anyone seeking a relaxed, comfortable surgery experience.

– S.P. via RealSelf (stretched ear lobe patient of Dr. Cooper’s)

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