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If your earlobe piercings have become stretched out over time, or if you have a tear of your earlobe piercing, you are a candidate for earlobe repair.

In addition to treating the torn earlobe, Dr. Cooper also has a lot of experience repairing stretched or “gauged” earlobes. Some patients desire to have their gauged piercings closed. Other patients with gauged earlobe piercings desire repair if the skin has become too thinned out. In addition to closing these piercings, Dr. Cooper will also perform an earlobe reduction to help restore the gauged earlobe to its pre-gauged appearance.

Additionally, if you have had your ear lobes repaired elsewhere, and they are still too large or the shape is too pointed, Dr. Cooper may be able to perform revisionary surgery to help restore your natural ear lobe shape.

These procedures are performed in Dr. Cooper’s office procedure room under a local anesthetic. There is no downtime, discomfort is minimal, and sutures are removed 1 week later. Earlobes may be re-pierced 6 weeks after the procedure, if desired.

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